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Why are there movie editing awards?

First off – in an ideal world, all the cuts are already clear in the director’s mind even before shooting starts, in which case the editor’s job is merely technical, not creative. That would be like rewarding the focus puller. But, this not being an ideal world, the process is not really that simple. Of course there are “happy accidents” during shooting and improvisation and changes of heart during editing. Personally, I can’t understand why a director wouldn’t want to do the editing himself, but that’s just me, so that’s irrelevant.
What is relevant though, is that the jury or whatever has never seen the raw footage which the editing is based on, and therefore has basically no idea what decisions were hard, smart or creative.

I feel like I’m the only one in the world with this opinion. So statistically, I’m either a genius or, more likely, wrong.


I’m a slow learner.

Or perhaps it’s a combination of laziness, dumbness, denial and low ambitions.

But I’d rather think of it this way…
Ever since I first picked up my parents’ VHS camcorder at age 8, I’ve loved auto modes. In a way, they eliminate the need to think and lets you be (another kind of) creative. I hardly ever decide to learn something until I realize that the lack of it limits me to do what I want. Which is why I started to master video editing and compression at age 14, and basic camera functions and lenses at 24. I never felt the need for it before. I predict that in the near future I’ll probably shoot a scene where I realize I need to learn something about lighting. Hasn’t happened so far.

Movie “professionalism”

– I hate it. Allow me to explain.

I’m impressed by people who have the skills to use whatever filmmaking tools available to them to transfer to the screen something that previously only existed in their brain.

What I hate is the notion that a film has to live up to certain “standards” simply because… well, because it’s a film. Do you really think a 10-year-old girl gives a fuck about whether Hannah Montana: The Movie is shot on 35 mm ($60.000/hour) or HDV ($3/hour)? Oh, but it’s always been that way, so let’s not question it. Like religion.

I personally think a movie like The Blair Witch Project looks “better” than, say, 2012. In the former, the visuals serve the story perfectly, while the latter is a hastily-thrown-together piece of crap. This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beauty and necessity of a film like Stalker being shot on film. Come to think about it, if Tarkovskij had had a Red One camera in 1979, that probably would have done just fine.

I know people who actually like the jerky look that the 24 fps frame-rate gives movies because it’s “part of the cinema experience”. They think interlacing looks bad and gives footage a home-video look. Granted, interlacing is a fucking nightmare to constantly have to wrap your head around in post-production and should never have been invented in the first place, but compared to progressive on a normal TV, the only difference is a smoother motion. I guess you could technically say that interlacing lowers the resolution, but that’s nothing that ever bothered me. But I’m dying to know how less choppiness can be a bad thing. It looks more like reality. Do you think reality’s frame rate is too high? 24/25 fps is a joke. It should be at least 50. I don’t want to have to choose between blurry and strobby.

Is this where my bottom line should be? Inland Empire is a great movie. Except for the Polish scenes. Don’t really care for those.

There have been blogs

Between 2005-2007 I shared a blog with a friend. We wrote about our “careers” which at the time consisted of directing eurodance music videos and shooting “mingle videos” at guido nightclubs. But I can’t handle sharing things. This is mine and this is yours, right? There’s a reason they teach that to kids.

Between 2007-2010 I had my own blog. The idea was to write about whatever I wanted. My brain produces potential blog material (by my own standards, mind you) several times an hour. Does that mean I should post everything? A blog like that leaves me with too many options. But I’m finally at rest. This blog is for nerdy rants only. I’ll leave trying to be cool to my IRL self.