Life in a Day (2011)

You’re YouTube. It’s 2010. You decide to assemble a feature-length film from video clips submitted by people around the world, all recorded on a single day. It’s a timely project. It would have been even more timely five years ago. Whatever.

You’re bound to get some amazing footage. It would take a real moron not to edit this into something interesting. Doesn’t make it any less of a good movie, though.

Nature, religion, food, dancing, love – sometimes it plays like cringeworthily politically correct charity or travelling ad. But those images are iconic because they do trigger something universally human in us. The essential ingredients are there. I’m entertained. I’m moved.

Still, I can’t help wondering why sex is off-limits, when they’re obviously OK with showing us animal killings, surgeries and violence. Am I simply supposed to grow up and accept the reality of being a big corporation? Though I applaud them for deciding to keep less comfy stuff like a man calling homosexuality “a disease”.

You’re bound to get some amazing footage – the challenge is what to do with it.
Ridley Scott and his pals did good.


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